Joshua Abelow

Squarepusher - 'Dark Steering'

'How do you like wearing the helmet? Is that something that diminishes your enjoyment of the live performance?' 'Pretty strange, I have to say. Y'know, in a way I like it, because one way I see it is like a way of turning myself into a visual display unit. I quite like that idea, because this gig isn't about me. I don't see my records or my live performances as about me. I'm always trying to get away from the cult of personality tendency which springs up around musicians, and the typical way that musicians are treated in the world of rock music. That they're put on a pedestal and treated like gods, I mean, I hate that. If I have to be on stage at all, then I'd rather become part of the show to an extent that my personal appearance within it is diminished. I'm still there, but I'm actually becoming a way of displaying visual information, rather than just a person standing there. It's an attempt to transform my appearance and my identity on stage, and get away from this being about "Tom," and more about the music and the pictures.'

Sonia Delaunay