A Dollar Makes 'Toddlers & Tiaras' Star Alana Holler, Honey Boo-Boo!

Conversation between my sister and my mother after watching this -

Dear Mum, I'm game if you are. I feel we have a great chance at a win. I'm only a bit over the age limit, I'm sure that they won't notice.....You start collecting the Waitrose vouchers, may I suggest though, that you now should shop at Aldi so we can buy tickets sooner. I've got three gallons of Coke and a one kilo of chocolate to eat, then its time to P R A C T I C E. I'll be waiting for my flight details. Love Binny Boo Boo x

Binny Boo Boo....I have collected enough coupons to get the Pageant Crack and Pixie Stixs from Aldi, 60 should have you buzzing for the judges. Need suggestions for our theme, thinking my little pony/country and western hybrid, watcha think? Also how many gallons of false tan and hair spray do you think we will need, I have ordered 200 hair extension strips coz boy do we want BIG HAIR. xxx catch ya later xxx just guzzled 10 of your pixie stix.

Eleanor Powell

Moondog - Pastoral

Double yes please x

November 9, 1943

American film actress Veronica Lake, illustrates what can happen to women war workers who wear their hair long while working at their benches, in a factory somewhere in America.