True blue baby I love you...‏

“In 1930, Carl Tanzler met Maria Elena Milagro de Hoyos whilst working at a as a physician hospital, and immediately fell in love with her, finding her to be the image of a woman he had dreamt of years earlier. Hoyos was married to someone else, although separated, and would not begin a relationship with Tanzler for her strict Catholicism. Shortly thereafter, Hoyos became ill with consumption, and Tanzler’s attempts to aid her recovery fell short, and she died in 1931.After her burial, Tanzler removed Hoyos’ body from her mausoleum and began to recreate her. He wired her bones. When her skin began to rot, he replaced it with silk and plaster of Paris. When her hair fell from her decomposing skin, he wove a wig with it. He stuffed her with rags in an attempt to preserve her shape against decomposition, and covered her with perfume, disinfectants, and preserving agents to mask her state.
He shared a bed with his recreation for 9 years.”